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Send packages to Romania with Send Pack LLC.

air shipping

Shipments By Air

Air transport represents one of the greatest advances of modern logistics. At present, any person or company can leave a package to us and in a few days the package can reach any part of the world with total security in terms of delivery and condition.

Being such a modern environment, users are benefited by the latest technologies applied to logistics, which avoids many errors in deliveries and the respective delays caused by confusion or contingencies typical to the transport by sea or road. The processes are computerized and fares , destinations and rates listed in our databases to which you can access now via international shipping cost calculator.

ocean shipping

Shipments By Sea

Almost 90 percent of everything we buy arrives via ship. By Ocean has been the most trust method for centuries. CO2 emissions from sea shipping are minuscule compared with air shipment. Even withstanding some concerns about measurement, sea shipping has a much smaller carbon footprint. Sea shipping is usually much slower than air however, its much cheaper. 


Additional Packaging

We visually inspect each package that leaves from our locations. 

Good, sturdy packaging can be the difference between having shipping issues and your parcel being delivered in the exact shape how it was shipped.

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